DAS, Small Cell & MicroCell

Transseed provides turnkey DAS, MicroCell and Small Cell installation, from the initial conception through to the end the project.

Service Overview

Our team is skilled enough to provide you with an optimized wireless system and coverage meeting the needs for your facility or venue. With over 15 years of experience in the RF design and construction installation of communications networks, Transseed has the expertise to design and build DAS, MicroCell, and Small Cell projects nationwide.

Why Choose Us

Transseed provides the following DAS/Small Cell & MicroCell Solutions:

  • RF Design
  • Integration & Construction
  • Fiber Network Installation
  • Turn-Key project solutions
Popular Questions
Can Transseed provide RF Design?
Yes. Transseed has a background in RF Design Engineering. We have the capability to provide total integration solutions for your microcell project.
Does your crews have experience with ODAS solutions?
Absolutely. As a OSP and Telecommunications Construction company, our crews are very experienced with installing fiber, power, conduit, integration, setting poles, working with concrete and working with cranes to hoist antennas for installation.
Can you provide bid estimation for projects?
The Project Management Team at Transseed has been very successful working with clients who are bidding small to large DAS/MicroCell projects. We offer bid numbers, project planning and project review for the best opportunity of winning possible.
Service Brochure
View the Transseed Brochure by clicking the link below.