Disaster Recovery

Transseed Group provides services to respond and repair damage due to fire, flood or storm (hurricane, typhoon, etc.). When called upon, Transseed can assemble a team to react immediately and provide disaster recovery solutions (OSP, ISP, Wireless/RF, and Project Management) and quickly get your business back in operation. Our teams are experienced in round the clock managing, reporting, and delivering onsite services to increase the time needed for regional restoration.

HMI, City of Houston, Frontier
Project Type:
OSP, Disaster Recovery
Houston Area, Texas Region
Solution(s) Provided:
Debris Removal, Network Repair, OSP Services, Project Management

Our Clients Say

“Transseed is a great contractor to work with. Very responsive to our needs and the needs of our client.”
Wireless Project
During the recent hurricane Harvey, Transseed was able to mobilize crews at a short notice and provide construction and restoration support to help get the Houston community back on line with communications and internet.
Disaster Recovery Project
Dr. Dumah and his company was instrumental in helping us provide resources for a long-haul project in Texas. The Transseed team was able to provide drills and project management for the SE region.
Directional Drilling (OSP Project)

The Project Overview

Debris Removal
Assembled multiple teams of civil and OSP technicians to mobilize in regional markets to remove debris that was impeding critical infrastructure so that repairs could be made to restore functionality of the network.
Network Restoration
Deployed OSP teams with tools and machinary to restore network connectivity throughout the region.
Project Management
Provided Project Management to work with collaborative organizations--developing strategies, reporting, and managing multiple teams in various locations.