Welcome to Transseed

Transseed Group, is a leading provider of state-of-the-art communications construction solutions that efficiently services a variety of commercial and government clients worldwide. We assist our clients with installation construction, designing, engineering and deployment of communications infrastructure while providing value, safe operation, and integrity in each engagement.

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90% General Contracting
75% Construction Management
54% Wireless & Technology
69% Special Projects

Our Mission

To serve our community by delivering world-class solutions, opportunities to staff members, founded on faith, high character, morals and professional achievement. We work with partners and clients that share our goals and are willing to go the extra mile to meet or exceed the expectations of performance excellence.  Our mantra is to engage each project with:

  • Service
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Integrity

Our Vision

Transseed has spent the last few years focusing on differentiating itself from its competitors. One of the primary areas has been professionalism. We strive to be professional on and off the project site and have invested heavily in training and coaching services to ensure every team member understands the value of being professional in its attire, communications, and execution of daily duties with internal and external customers.
Our leadership team demans nothing short of world-class services on every project. Utilizing Lean Six Sigma protocols for measuring and managing performance, our project evaluation processes allow the field teams to review wasteful activities and find improvement areas in real time to keep the level of quality above industry standards.
Customer Focus
Transseed understand that the customer is the ultimate evaluator of our services. Therefore, each team member is provided with tools and training to help increase the level of communication in and out of the field. Customer relationships have been the backbone of our success, and our vision includes establishing these types of relationships worldwide.

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