Contract with Transseed!

Transseed understands how important it is to have partners and contract services to fulfill the needs of client projects.  That is the main reason why we are very contract friendly and the premier place to subcontract services with.

If you are interested in working with Transseed as a Subcontractor, please submit your information below and our contracting office will follow up with you regarding our process, insurance requirements, and opportunities you may be able to immediately supply services to our projects.


Are Subcontractors paid per project?
We make sure each subcontractor is paid quickly and for their services. Our subcontractors are very satisfied with the pay cycle at Transseed and often choose Transseed over many larger firms because of our commitment to working with partners and making sure they are taken care of.
Are contractors treated differently?
Our contractors and subcontractors feel like internal teams at Transseed. Each Project Manager is directed to work with our subs as if they are internal personnel. We are one of the few organizations that realize that subcontractors are an extension of our own brand and want to make sure that your success is our success.
Does Transseed offer benefits to Subcontractors?
As a subcontract partner, we don't offer internal benefits to your employees, however, we do provide business services like insurance options, links to payroll solutions, and various resources to help you build your business as a value added partner to us.
What about reporting?
Reporting and Communication is a vital part of who Transseed is. Each subcontractor is required to provide specific reporting data to our PM's daily. However, we work with every contractor to make sure you have access to online tools, project management technology, and protocols to make sure both you and Transseed are covered in the event there may be some questions regarding billing or work performed on the project.
Sign up as a Transseed Contractors

Transseed has worked extremely hard to make the partnership/subcontracting process easy for you.  Below you'll find our Pre-Qualification Form to help our Contracting Officer know a little more about you and your business to ensure your services are in alignment with our needs.

Once you've completed the form the process will begin.  To start now, follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill out the Pre-Qualification Form Online
  2. A Representative from the Contracting Office will contact you to review.
  3. You will be provided a Master Service Agreement to legalize the partnership
  4. You will be asked to provide some additional information such as: references, certificate of insurance (COI), and signed/executed contract with pricing.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us and we will help you navigate the forms.